What makes

SprintNXT a boon for your banking

We understand that managing finances can be challenging, which is why we've created a platform that uncomplicates the process. This is how SprintNXT makes your banking easy :


Map existing current accounts to the platform or create new ones:

With SprintNXT, you can merge all your existing current accounts into a single platform, making it easy to monitor your finances in one place. You can also create new current accounts with ease.


Collect payments through UPI

SprintNXT offers easy and convenient payment collection from your network through UPI, ensuring faster payment processing and improved cash flow.


Implement virtual accounts

Virtual accounts provide an extra layer of security by separating the primary current account from vendor or supplier payments, making it easier to track transactions and monitor cash flow.


Payments to vendors, merchants or retailers:

Make payments to multiple vendors, merchants or retailers at once, saving you time, effort and reducing the risk of errors.


Comprehensive analytical dashboard to track & manage all activity:

SprintNXT includes a comprehensive analytical dashboard that provides real-time insights into your financial activity, enabling you to make data-directed financial decisions.

Suite of SprintNXT Solutions

The instrumental advantages that SprintNXT delivers are a direct result of these four crucial solutions.

Multi-Account Management:

Get comprehensive current account management services, irrespective of the associated bank. Merge existing current accounts, create new current accounts, and manage your virtual accounts & payouts



Collect payments from your entire network, through UPI modes such as Static QR Codes & Dynamic QR Codes, settled in real-time.


Analytical approach

Our analytical dashboard allows you to track and manage all your financial activity in real-time, providing valuable insights to empower data-driven business decisions.



We streamline your payment processing ability, enabling convenient payments through multiple modes.


Take the next step with SprintNXT


Multiple Current Accounts on a single platform.

SprintNXT has been developed in collaboration with a wide range of banks, enabling the seamless curation of current accounts with different banks, onto a single platform. Gain a holistic view of your company’s financial situation and manage all your current accounts from the same dashboard, without ever having to switch applications or websites.

Experience a novel sense of connectivity & cohesion in your financial functionalities across various banks, all with a single login.


Sync your systems through our simple,straightforward onboarding process

Get started quickly with our online documentation verification process. You just upload the required documents, they’ll get authenticated at our back-end. Once in, you can map your current accounts & begin your connecting banking journey

Experience a user-friendly & easily accessible platform that you can implement in your existing systems quickly, and with ease


Effortless banking, extended beyond your bank

SprintNXT is the ideal choice for businesses that want to boost the efficiency of their banking operations, strengthen safety and security, and unlock their potential for exponential growth. SprintNXT brings all your banking functionalities to one place, making it easy, convenient, and personalised.

SprintNXT brings all your banking functionalities to one place, making it easy, convenient, and personalised.


Scale with SprintNXT

SprintNXT is designed to help you scale your business fast, through its assortment of cutting-edge elements that simplify financial management. With our platform, you can streamline your financial operations to boost efficiency, save time & resources, and make big time moves backed by analytics. This, in turn, allows you to focus on growing your business and achieving your goals!


SprintNXT makes it easy to manage your finances, payments & collections. The time & resources you conserve can be utilised on growth strategies & operations.


SprintNXT’s analytical dashboard delivers AI-driven, real-time insights into your financial activity, empowering you to make the right business decisions, mobilise your resources and take action quickly.


SprintNXT incorporates the ideal measures such as virtual accounts, 2-factor authentication, role-based access and more, to safeguard from any threats. This protects your business finances, enabling risk-free expansion.


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